Lors est ce jour grant joie nee (e-boek)

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This volume gathers eight contributions regarding the French medieval language and literature. They are a selection of papers presented during a colloquium organized in honor of Prof. Emeritus Willy Van Hoecke, whose passion for French diachronic linguistics and medieval literature has driven him to develop some techniques for critical text edition, applied to the oeuvre of Baudouin de Condé, techniques which he also used for the edition of Jean d'Antioche's Rectorique de Marc Tulles Cyceron. The papers collected here regard a variety of subjects: historical phraseology, medieval authors, some specific literary characters, addressees of medieval literature, certain types of literary texts, and the relationship between Middle Dutch and Old French literature. With contributions by: Herman Braet, Claude Buridant, Brigitte L. Callay, Geert H.M. Claassens, Yasmina Foehr-Janssens, Dulce Maria Gonzalez Doreste, Cinzia Pignatelli, Remco Sleiderink, Colette Van Coolput-Storms.
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Isbn 9789461661128
Titel Lors est ce jour grant joie nee (e-boek)
Subtitel essais de langue et de litterature francaises du moyen age
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Uitgeverij Universitaire Pers Leuven
Imprint Universitaire Pers Leuven (BE)
Uitgifte datum 2009-07-01
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